Blackberry 8300 Cell Phone User Manual

2. Click Find.
3. Type the text.
4. Press the Enter key.
To search for the next instance of the text, press the Menu key. Click Find Next.
Search for organizer data and messages that contain specific information
1. In the search application, perform any of the following actions:
In the Text field, type text or a phone number to search for.
In the Name field, type a contact name to search for.
2. Select one or more applications.
3. Press the Menu key.
4. Click Search.
Note: If you type more than one word in the Text or Name fields, only items that contain all the words appear.
The BlackBerry® device does not search file attachments if you search messages.
To stop a search, press the Escape key.
Search shortcuts
To search for a contact in a list of contacts, type the contact name or initials separated by a space.
To search for text in a message, press S.
To search for text in an attachment or on a web page, press F.
To search for text in a presentation attachment, verify that you are viewing the presentation in text view or in text and slide view.
Press F.