Blackberry 8300 Cell Phone User Manual

Language troubleshooting
Some characters do not appear correctly on my device
The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Internet Service that is associated with your BlackBerry device might not support the
characters. For more information, contact your system administrator or your wireless service provider.
Wireless network coverage troubleshooting
I cannot connect to a wireless network
Try performing the following actions:
Verify that your SIM card is inserted in your BlackBerry® device correctly.
Verify that you have turned on the connection to the wireless network.
Verify that you are connected to your wireless service provider's network. If you switched wireless networks manually, your device
remains connected to that wireless network until you select your wireless service provider's network again.
Security troubleshooting
I cannot unlock my device using my smart card
Try performing the following actions:
Verify that the correct smart card is inserted in the smart card reader.
Verify that the smart card is inserted in the smart card reader correctly.
My device prompts me to make an emergency call when I type a password
If your BlackBerry® device password contains a combination of letters that corresponds to an emergency access number, your device
might prompt you to make an emergency call when you type your device password.
To continue typing your device password, press the Escape key.
Diagnostic reports
About diagnostic reports
Diagnostic reports provide wireless configuration and connection information for your BlackBerry® device. If you cannot connect to the
wireless network or access services such as email messaging, your wireless service provider or system administrator might ask you to run