Blackberry 8120 Cell Phone User Manual

Some messages no longer appear on my device
If your BlackBerry® device memory is full, your device deletes the oldest messages from a message list. Your device does not delete saved
If wireless email reconciliation is turned on, and, in the message options, the Delete On field is set to Mailbox & Handheld, email messages
that you delete in the email application on your computer are also deleted from your device.
A message or attachment is truncated
Try performing the following actions:
Wait for a short period of time. Your BlackBerry® device receives long messages and attachments in sections.
If "More available" appears at the end of the message or attachment, press the Menu key. Click More or More All.
I cannot use a shortcut to view one type of message in a message list
If you switch BlackBerry® devices and you restore device data from your previous device to your current device, the message list shortcuts
for your previous device replace the message list shortcuts for your current device.
To view the shortcuts for viewing one type of message in a message list, view your list of saved searches.