Blackberry 8120 Cell Phone User Manual

If you have traveled to another country and you have not changed your smart-dialing options, dial the full phone number, including
the country code and area code, for your contact.
If you are not receiving calls, verify that call blocking and call forwarding are turned off.
If your SIM card supports more than one phone number, but you have only one phone number, verify that the phone number is set
as the primary number.
My phone number appears as Unknown in the phone
Try changing the phone number on your SIM card to change how your phone number appears in the phone. In the device options, click
Advanced Options. Click SIM Card. Highlight the phone number. Press the Menu key. Click Edit SIM Phone Number. Type your phone
number. Click the trackball.
Note: If you change the phone number on your SIM card, you do not change the phone number that your BlackBerry® device uses to
make and receive calls.
I cannot make calls using a voice command
Try performing the following actions:
Verify that your BlackBerry® device is connected to the wireless network.
If you are using a Bluetooth® enabled device, such as a handsfree car kit or wireless headset, verify that the Bluetooth enabled
device supports this feature and that you have paired the Bluetooth enabled device with your BlackBerry device.
If your keyboard is locked, unlock your keyboard.
Verify that the language that you use to say voice commands is the same as the voice dialing language that you have set in the
language options. Certain languages might not be supported.
My device does not recognize names or numbers in voice commands
Try performing the following actions:
Say the first name and the last name of your contact.
Use standard pronunciation rules when you say a voice command.
If your BlackBerry® device does not often identify matches, set the matching sensitivity level to reject less.
If your device often identifies incorrect matches, set the matching sensitivity level to reject more.
Adapt digit dialing to improve voice recognition of numbers.
I cannot check my voice mail
If you have more than one phone number associated with your BlackBerry® device and you are trying to check your voice mail using a
shortcut key, your device calls the voice mail access number for your active phone number.
Try checking the voice mail for your alternate phone number.