Blackberry 8120 Cell Phone User Manual

PIN messages
PIN message basics
About PIN messages
A PIN uniquely identifies BlackBerry® devices and BlackBerry enabled devices on the wireless network. If you have contacts who use a
BlackBerry device or a BlackBerry enabled device and you know their PIN number, you can send them PIN messages. PIN messages are
not routed through your email account.
When your PIN message is delivered to the recipient, in a message list, a D appears with a check mark beside the PIN message.
Find your PIN
In the device options, click Status.
Open a message
If your BlackBerry® device is associated with more than one email address, you might be able to open messages from the message list for
a specific email address.
In a message list, click a message.
If you open an MMS message and the content does not appear, press the Menu key. Click Retrieve.
Send a PIN message
1. In a message list, press the Menu key.
2. Click Compose PIN.
3. In the To field, perform one of the following actions:
Type a PIN number. Click the trackball.
Type a contact name. Click the trackball.
Type part of a contact name. Click a contact.
4. Type a message.
5. Click the trackball.
6. Click Send.
Check spelling
You can check spelling in messages, calendar entries, tasks, or memos that you create.
1. In a message, calendar entry, task, or memo, press the Menu key.
2. Click Check Spelling.