Blackberry 8120 Cell Phone User Manual

9. In the Security Warning dialog box, click Yes.
If the root certificate contains multiple certificates, all the certificates are installed on your computer.
To install the root certificate on your BlackBerry® device, use the certificate synchronization tool of the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager to
synchronize the root certificate between your device and your computer.
Advanced Wi-Fi connection settings
Change a Wi-Fi profile
1. In the device options, click Wi-Fi Connections.
2. Highlight a Wi-Fi® profile.
3. Press the Menu key.
4. Click Edit.
5. Change the Wi-Fi profile options.
6. Press the Menu key.
7. Click Save.
Wi-Fi profile connection options
Type a name for the Wi-Fi® profile.
Type the Wi-Fi network name.
Band type:
Set the Wi-Fi network type. If you do not know the network type, do not change this field.
Prompt before connection:
Set whether a prompt appears before your BlackBerry® device connects to the Wi-Fi network.
Allow inter-access point handover:
Set whether your device remains connected to the Wi-Fi network when you move between wireless access points.
If necessary, set a VPN profile to use with the Wi-Fi profile.
Wi-Fi profile security options
Security Type:
Set the security type that the Wi-Fi® network supports.