Blackberry 8120 Cell Phone User Manual

Click Forward As. Click a message type.
Delete a message
1. In a message, click the trackball.
2. Click Delete.
Delete multiple messages
1. In a message list, highlight a date field.
2. Press the Menu key.
3. Click Delete Prior.
4. Click Delete.
Note: Email messages that you delete using the Delete Prior menu item are not deleted from the email application on your computer
during email reconciliation.
Delete the history from an SMS text message
1. When replying to an SMS text message, press the Menu key.
2. Click Remove History.
Mark a message as opened or unopened
In a message list, perform one of the following actions:
Highlight a message. Press the Menu key. Click Mark Opened or Mark Unopened.
Highlight a date field. Press the Menu key. Click Mark Prior Opened. Click Mark Opened.
Search for text in a message, attachment, or web page
To search for text in a presentation attachment, verify that you are viewing the presentation in text view or in text and slide view.
1. In a message, attachment, or web page, press the Menu key.
2. Click Find.
3. Type the text.
4. Press the Enter key.
To search for the next instance of the text, press the Menu key. Click Find Next.