ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

Calling Your Voicemail
Voicemail allows callers to leave voice mes-
sages in your voice mailbox. You can review,
play, and delete your voice messages any time
you are in your carrier's network coverage
From the Home screen, press and hold the
Answering a Call
Press the / key to answer an incoming
call (If the ip is open).
Open the lp (If the ip is close).
Muting the Ringtone
To mute ringtone of current incoming call
Press the volume key down.
Contact your service provider to check
service availability.
Rejecting a Call
Press the / key once or close the ip
to reject the call (If the ip is open).
Press and hold the volume key (If the ip
is closed).
key to reject call with SMS.
Handling Two Calls
1. To add a second party during a call, dial the
number directly.
2. After answering a second call, you can
press Navigation left key/Navigation soft
key to change connection status.
Switch to Bluetooth device
1. Make sure Bluetooth device connected.
2. Select audio from handset to Bluetooth