ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

Auto Redial
Activate or deactivate the automatic callback
of any calls that do not get through the rst
Text Phone
Text phone can be used by people who are
hearing or speech impaired.
After connecting the cell phone and TTY
machine it connects to a relay service, which
converts incoming speech to text for the
person using the TTY and converts outgo-
ing text from the TTY machine to a spoken
voice for the person on the other end of the
Airplane mode
Functions such as Voice calls and Messages
etc. are barred. It can also be used to increase
the length of time the phone can be left in
standby mode.
From the main menu, select Settings > Airplane
From the main menu, select Settings >
Activate PIN: The SIM card protection
code is requested each time the phone is
powered on.
Change PIN: Change PIN code.
Change PIN2: A protection code for certain
SIM card features (Billing/Cost/FDN, etc.)
will be requested if you attempt to access
them when this option is activated. You can
also update it with a new one (between 4
and 8 digits).