ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

Activate phone code: Once activated,
this is requested each time the phone is
Change phone code: Initial setting is 1234.
Restore default
1. From the main menu, select Settings >
Restore default.
2. Enter the password 000000, and select "OK".
3. All the user data and settings will be erased
once you conrm the choice by selecting
Safety and Use12.
We recommend that you read this chapter
carefully before using your mobile phone.
The manufacturer disclaims any liability for
damage, which may result as a consequence
of improper use or use contrary to the instruc-
tions contained herein.
Given that studies show that using a mobile
phone while driving a vehicle constitutes a
real risk, even when the hands-free kit is used
(car kit, headset...), drivers are requested to
refrain from using their mobile phone when
the vehicle is not parked. Check the laws and
regulations on the use of wireless mobile
phones and their accessories in the areas
where you drive. Always obey them. The
use of these devices may be prohibited or
restricted in certain areas.
When driving, do not use your mobile phone
and headphone to listen to music or to the
radio. Using a headphone can be dangerous
and forbidden in some areas.