ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

Accessing a WAP Site
There are several ways to access a WAP site:
By selecting a link on the browser.
By using a bookmark item. Use View in the
browser Options.
By entering a URL address manually. Use
Go to URL in the browser Options.
Navigating with the Browser
1. To scroll through browser items, press the
Up or Down Navigation keys.
2. To select a browser item, press Options >
Use link > Ok or the
3. To return to the previous page, press
Options > Navigate > Backward.
4. To move to next page, press Options >
Navigate > Forward.
5. To access the browser menu list, press the
6. To return to the start-up homepage, press
Options > Homepage.
There are other options below based on open
Save image: Save Image downloaded from
open web.
Bookmarks: You may use bookmarks when
your want to leave a page.
Open le: Open an html le from the
Recent pages: Display recent pages
Ofine pages: Display ofine pages.
Add to Bookmarks: You can add the
website to Bookmarks.
Current page: You can send the current
page address as SMS or MMS.