ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

Mode: Select the mode for your alarm
Ringtone: Ring only, Vibrate only,
Silence, Vibrate and ring.
Ringtone: Choose a melody as your
alarm notication sound.
3. Press Save to save the changes and turn
on your new alarm.
Viewing Saved Alarms
1. From the main menu, select Alarm.
2. The screen displays 5 saved alarms. The
alarm marked by “ ” is ON.
1. From the main menu, select Tools >
2. Enter a number, select the type of operation
to be performed using the Navigation keys,
and enter the second number, then select the
/ key to display the result.
3. Once an operation is complete, you can
select Clear to clear numbers and carry out
a new operation.
Your phone has a built-in Calendar with a
monthly-view calendar for you to keep track of
important meetings, appointments, etc.
Viewing Your Calendar
From the main menu, select Tools > Calendar.
Days with events entered will be marked in
Adding an Event
1. From the main menu, select Tools >
2. Using the Navigation key, highlight the
date, and press Options and select Create.
3. Fill in all required information for this new
4. When done, press Save.