ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

Browser options: A range of browser
options are provided.
Preferences: • Activate Timeout, and
whether or not to Show images/Play
sounds/Load unknown media etc. when
you are browsing a website.
Security settings: Displays allows you to
choose from the following options: Session
info. /Existing certicates /Trusted
Restore Browser settings: You can restore
the browser to its default settings by
pressing the
key or the key.
Applications 8.
Your mobile phone is tted with a camera for
taking photos and shooting videos that you
can use in different ways:
store them in your " My Folder\ Phone" or
"My Folder\microSD card".
send them in a multimedia message (MMS)
to a mobile phone.
send them directly by MMS, Bluetooth.
customize your Home screen.
select them as incoming call picture to a
contact in your Contacts.
transfer them by data cable or microSD
card to your computer.