ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

When switched on, your mobile phone emits
electromagnetic waves that can interfere with
the vehicle’s electronic systems such as ABS
anti-lock brakes or airbags. To ensure that
there is no problem:
- do not place your mobile phone on top of
the dashboard or within an airbag deploy-
ment area,
- check with your car dealer or the car
manufacturer to make sure that the car’s
electronic devices are shielded from mobile
phone RF energy.
You are advised to switch off the mobile
phone from time to time to optimize its
Remember to abide by local authority rules of
mobile phone use on aircrafts.
Operational Warnings: Obey all posted signs
when using mobile devices in public areas.
Follow Instructions to Avoid Interference
Problems: Turn off your mobile device in any
location where posted notices instruct you
to do so. In an aircraft, turn off your mobile
device whenever instructed to do so by airline
staff. If your mobile device offers an airplane
mode or similar feature, consult airline staff
about using it in ight.
Switch the mobile phone off when you are
in health care facilities, except in designated
areas. As with many other types of equipment
now in regular use, mobile phones can inter-
fere with other electrical or electronic devices,
or equipment using radio frequency.
Switch the mobile phone off when you are
near gas or ammable liquids. Strictly obey
all signs and instructions posted in a fuel
depot, gas station, or chemical plant, or in any
potentially explosive atmosphere.
Read and follow the directions from the manu-
facturer of your implantable medical device.
If you have any questions about using your
mobile device with your implantable medical
device, consult your healthcare provider.