ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

Picture Viewer
A library links to the pictures both in phone
and microSD card.
1. From the main menu, select Applications >
Picture Viewer.
2. Press a picture once to view it in full
3. Press Options to be shown in list, slide,
sent, set as wallpaper, and incoming call
picture or sent by MMS, and Bluetooth.
Video Player
This feature enables the user to start watching
video almost as soon as it begins download-
ing from internet.
From the main menu, select Applications >
Video Player.
Useful Icons/Keys:
/ /
Set as play/pause/resume
Press the Navigation key (UP/
DOWN) to set the volume level
Press the Navigation key:
Previous/next video
Press and hold the Navigation key:
Back to previous menu or exit
Switch between normal screen
and full screen display.
FM Radio
Your phone is equipped with a radio with RDS
functionality. You can use the application as a
traditional radio with saved channels or with
parallel visual information related to the radio
program on the display if you tune to stations
that offer Visual Radio service. You can listen
to it while running other applications.