ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

Conference Calls
Your phone allows you to talk to several
people at the same time.
1. If you are on a double call, press the
Options soft key and select Conference
2. If a third call comes in, answer it by
pressing the
key and speak with your
new caller.
3. This caller becomes a member of the
conference if you press Options and select
Conference call.
4. To end the conference call, press Options
and select End > End conference.
Ending a Call
When you want to end your call, briey press
the key.
Contact your service provider to check
service availability.
Adjusting Call Volume
You can adjust the sound level during a call
using the Volume key or using the Navigation
up key/Navigation down key directly during
a call.
You can use Handsfree function by pressing
key during a call.
Move the handset away from your ear
while using the "Handsfree" option
because the amplied volume might
cause hearing damage.
Recent Calls
You can access the function using the follow-
ing options:
Select Menu from Home screen, then select
Recent Calls.
Press the
key from Home screen.
Select Recent Calls from main menu.