ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

To avoid hearing impairment, answer the call
before holding your mobile phone to your ear.
Also move the handset away from your ear
while using the “hands-free” option because
the amplied volume might cause hearing
It is recommended to have proper supervision
while small children use your mobile phone.
When replacing the cover please note that
your mobile phone may contain substances
that could create an allergic reaction.
Always handle your mobile phone with care
and keep it in a clean and dust-free place.Do
not allow your mobile phone to be exposed to
adverse weather or environmental condi-
tions (moisture, humidity, rain, inltration of
liquids, dust, sea air, etc.). The manufacturer’s
recommended operating temperature range is
14°F (-10°C) to 131°F (+55°C) (the max value
depends on device, materials and housing
Over 131°F (55°C) the legibility of the mobile
phone’s display may be impaired, though this
is temporary and not serious.
Do not open or attempt to repair your mobile
phone yourself.
Do not drop, throw or try to bend your mobile
Do not paint it.
Use only batteries, battery chargers, and
accessories which are recommended by
TCT Mobile Limited and its afliates and are
compatible with your mobile phone model.
TCT Mobile Limited and its afliates disclaim
any liability for damage caused by the use of
other chargers or batteries.
Your mobile phone should not be disposed
of in a municipal waste. Please check local
regulations for disposal of electronic products.
Remember to make back-up copies or keep
a written record of all important information
stored in your mobile phone.