ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

Once enter this menu, following lists will be
Missed calls
Outgoing calls
Received calls
Empty call log: select to empty a kind of
lists in recent calls.
Select a number from the call memory and
press Options, to Send message, Edit before
call, etc.
In-Call Options
During a call, press the Options soft key to
access the following:
Mute/Unmute: Mutes/Unmutes the
conversation from your end.
Hold: Hold the current call.
End: End the current call.
Contact your service provider to check
service availability.
New Call: Hold the current call and dial
another number.
Contacts: Add a contact or access
preloaded contacts.
Messages: Send an SMS/MMS to the
Calendar: Enter Calendar.
Sound recorder: Record your current call.