ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

Pair and register your Bluetooth
1. Activate the Bluetooth feature by selecting
the "Bluetooth\Activation\On" option.
2. Enter the "Device list" menu to search for
connectable Bluetooth devices.
3. From the list, select the device you want
to pair directly. If the bluetooth device has
no keyboard, enter its default password to
register it with your phone. If the Bluetooth
device has keyboard/keypad, enter the
same set of password on both handset and
the device to get it registered.
4. Press the Options to show service, rename,
authorization, delete and delete all from the
connected list.
Don’t forget to turn on your Bluetooth
device and activate the pairing mode
while pairing it with your phone.
Using Options
Data transmit:Exchange les with another
Bluetooth device.
Handle a call: Initiate or receive a phone
call with a Bluetooth headset.
Listen to music: Listen music by Bluetooth
Always activate Bluetooth in your
phone rst before connecting it to
a Bluetooth device. Be aware that
Bluetooth activation will slightly affect
battery life of your phone.
Bluetooth technology allows free wireless
connections between all Bluetooth-compliant
devices within short range. Please make sure
that the Bluetooth headset or the Bluetooth
car kit and your mobile phone are in this range
and set as visible.