ALCATEL Mobile Phones A392G Cell Phone User Manual

Preferred storage: Select the default
message storage location: SIM or Phone.
Multimedia Message:
Choose from a range of options including
Edit/Send/Retrieve/Memory Status depend-
ing on the current task.
CMAS Message:
Allows you to activate Presidential Alert/
Extreme Alert/Severe Alert if you have CMAS
Browser 7.
Your phone is equipped with a Browser
allowing you to access Internet sites specically
for mobile phones.
Launching Browser
1. From the main menu, select Browser.
2. Your phone connects to the network and
loads the homepage of the Wireless Web
service provider. The content of the start-up
homepage depends on your Wireless Web
service provider.
3. To scroll through the screen, use the Up
and Down Navigation keys.
4. To exit the browser at any time, simply
press the