Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Charging a Battery
Your phone is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Use the
travel adaptor to charge the battery, and use only Samsung
approved batteries and chargers.
You must fully charge the battery before using your phone for the first
time. A fully discharged battery requires up to 4 hours of charge time.
For connection to an electrical supply not located in the U.S., you must
use an adaptor with the proper configuration for the power outlet.
Using the wrong adaptor could damage your phone and void your
1. Remove the protective cover from the port on the side of
the phone.
2. Plug the connector of the travel adaptor into the
charger port.
3. Plug the adaptor into a standard AC wall outlet.
4. When charging is finished, unplug the adaptor from the
power outlet.
5. Remove the adaptor from the charger port.
When the travel adaptor is plugged in, the battery recharges, although
the charging indicator may not appear for a few minutes.
You must unplug the adaptor before removing the battery from the
phone during charging to avoid damage.