Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Changing Your Settings 45
To change the setting for a highlighted option, press the
To save your changes, press the
soft key.
The Silent profile can also be activated by pressing and holding the
key or by reducing the volume to 0. An onscreen message notifies
you that the Silent profile is now active. To deactivate this profile, press
and hold the key again.
In this menu, you can change various settings for the display
or backlight.
1. In Idle mode, press Menu Settings Display.
2. The following options appear.
Main Display
Press the key to access the following menus.
This option allows you to select your wallpaper from preloaded
wallpapers or from your downloaded graphics.
Press the Select soft key or the key to make your selection.
You can choose from Shop Graphics, Downloaded Graphics and
Default Wallpapers.
Shop Wallpapers
allows you to access the internet to shop for
new wallpapers.
Downloaded Graphics
: allows you to select from the downloaded
My Photos
allows you to select from your photos.
Default Wallpapers
: allows you to select from the default wallpapers.
Use the
navigation keys to view all of the wallpaper.
The Silent profile causes the speaker to be muted and the
phone only vibrates and displays information on its LCD.
The Driving profile keeps the speaker active. In this case,
the speaker is active and will launch the currently
selected ringtone or melody when the associated
notification is activated.
The Outdoor profile keeps the speaker active, the volume
settings are raised to their highest levels, any currently
active ringtones or melodies are activated, and the
phone’s vibrate feature is activated.