Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

WAP 71
Entering Text in the WAP Browser
When you enter text, into a text field, press the
soft key to
change the text input mode.
The following modes are available:
Upper-Case Alphabet Mode (ABC)
: allows you to enter upper-case
Lower-Case Alphabet Mode (abc
): allows you to enter lower-case
Numeric Mode (123)
: allows you to enter numbers.
Symbol Mode (Sym):
allows you to enter symbols such as
punctuation marks and special symbols.
You can enter symbols in upper or lower case alphabet mode by
pressing the key.
T9 Mode (T9Abc)
: allows you to enter characters by pressing one key
per letter. In this mode, you can use only the
key to display
alternative words. To change case, press the key.
Selecting and Using Menu Options
Various menus are available when you are using the WAP
Browser to navigate the Wireless Web.
To access a menu option, press the
soft key. A menu
list displays.
Press the Up and Down Navigation keys and press the soft
key or the key to move through the menus and make
Note: The menus may vary, depending on your version of the WAP Browser.
The following options are available:
Go to
: allows you to move to a certain page you previously selected.
: returns you to the previous menu.
: takes you to the next page.
: reloads the current page.
Go to Homepage
: takes you back at any time to the homepage of the
Wireless Web service provider.
Add to Favorites
: allows you to add the selected URL to your
Favorites list.
View Favorites
: shows the bookmarks list. You can bookmark the
current page or access previously bookmarked pages.
Enter URL
: allows you to enter a URL address.
Copy URL to Message
: allows you to copy the URL of your present
web location to a text message.
Save Image
: allows you to save images to your Downloaded Graphics
Go to Messaging
: allows you to create a text message, review text
messages in your Inbox, Sentbox, Outbox, Draft, or My Folder.