Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 5: Entering Text
This section outlines how to select the desired text input mode
when entering characters into your phone. This section also
describes how to use the T9 predictive text entry system to
reduce the amount of key strokes associated with entering text.
Text Input Mode
Text Input
option allows you to change the text entry
functions from T9 Mode to ABC Mode, Numeric Mode, or
Symbols Mode.
T9 Mode
This mode allows you to enter words with only one
keystroke per letter. Each key on the keypad has more
than one letter; for example, pressing the 5 key can enter
J, K, or L. The T9 mode compares a series of keystrokes
with an internal linguistic dictionary to determine the most
likely word, reducing the number of keystrokes required
for text entry.
ABC Mode
This mode allows you to enter letters by pressing the key
labeled with the letter or number you want. Press the key
one, two, three, or four times until it displays.
Numeric Mode
This mode allows you to enter numbers.
Symbols Mode
This mode allows you to enter symbols, such as
punctuation marks.
Mode Indicator
When you are in a text entry field, the text input mode
indicator displays above the field on the right side.
Changing Text Input Mode
1. Press the key.
2. Choose from the following options:
A long press of the key toggles between ABC mode and
T9 mode.