Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Select the profile you want. For each profile, the following
options are available:
Profile Name
: enter a name that you wish to assign to the HTTP
proxy server.
•Home URL
: set the address of your startup homepage. When the
default homepage displays, you can delete it using the
and enter your own choice.
•Proxy Use
: select Enable to use the proxy server.
GPRS Settings
: allows you to choose from the following options:
Proxy Address
: enter the Proxy address of the proxy server.
Proxy Port
: enter a port number or use default setting.
: enter the access point name used for the address of the GPRS
network gateway.
Login ID
: enter the User ID required to connect to the GPRS network.
: enter the password required to connect to the GPRS
Note: The WAP settings may vary depending on the service provider.