Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 11: WAP
Your phone is equipped with a WAP (Wireless Application
Protocol) browser which allows you to access Internet specified
for mobile phones. This section explains how to access the WAP
services of your service provider and navigate the WAP browser.
Launching the WAP Browser
1. In Idle mode, press the key to launch the WAP browser.
You can also press Menu
Mobile Web
and press the
Select soft key or the key. Your phone is connected to
the network and loads the homepage of the Wireless Web
service provider. The content of the start-up homepage
depends on your Wireless Web service provider.
2. To scroll through the screen, use the Up and Down
navigation keys.
3. To exit the browser at any time, simply press the
Access a WAP Site
There are several ways to access a WAP site:
Selecting a link on the browser.
Using a bookmark item in the Favorites menu; use the
menu in the browser menu list.
Entering a URL address manually; use the
Enter URL
option on the
browser menu list.
Navigating the WAP Browser
1. To scroll through browser items, press the Up or Down
navigation keys.
2. To select a browser item, press the key.
3. To return to the previous page, press the key, or
press the Options soft key and choose Backward.
4. To access the browser menu list, press the Options soft
5. To return to the previous page, press the Back soft key.
6. To return to the start-up homepage, press the Options soft
key and select the Go to Homepage option.