Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Tools 59
Section 9: Tools
The Tools menu allows you to set Alarms, use the Camera,
Calendar, Calculator, Tip Calculator, Converter (for currency,
length, weight, volume, area, and temperature), set the Timer,
use the Stopwatch, and view World Time.
Using the camera module in your phone, you can take photos of
people or events while on the move. Additionally, you can send
these photos to other people in a Multimedia Message or set a
wallpaper or picture ID image.
Do not take photos of people without their permission.
Do not take photos in places where cameras are not allowed.
Do not take photos in places where you may interfere with another
person’s privacy.
Taking a Photo
Your camera produces photos in JPEG format. To take a photo
using the current camera settings, do the following:
When you take a photo in direct sunlight or in bright conditions,
shadows may appear on the photo.
1. Press the Camera key ( ) to launch the camera.
– or –
In Idle mode, press
My Stuff
Take Photo
. The following soft key options
: allows you to adjust camera settings. For more information,
refer to
“Setting Camera Options”
on page 60.
•Take Photo
( ): allows you to take a photo.
: allows you to view your stored photos.
2. Using the display as a viewfinder, point the camera lens on
the back of your phone at your subject. When the image
you wish to capture appears in the display, press the
Camera key ( ) or the key. You photo is saved to the
My Photos folder.
3. After taking a photo, the following options are available
while viewing the photo:
: allows you to select
Take Another
via Multimedia
Message, and
Set as
Wallpaper or Caller ID.