Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Tools 61
•Set as
: allows you to set the selected photo as Wallpaper or
Caller ID.
: allows you to delete a selected photo or multiple
selected photos.
: allows you to rename the selected photo.
Slide Show
: allows you to play the available images in My Photo in
a slide show.
: allows you to lock or unlock a photo file.
: allows you to view these properties: Name, Date,
Format, Resolution, Size, Quality and Lock/Unlock settings.
This feature allows you to set the alarm to ring at a specific time.
To set the alarm:
1. When the Idle screen displays, press Menu My Stuff
Tools Alarms. The following options display:
Wake-up Alarm
: the alarm rings to wake you up at the specified
Alarm 1
: primary alarm setting.
Alarm 2
: secondary alarm setting.
Alarm 3
: third alarm setting.
Alarm 4
: fourth alarm setting.
2. Press the Options soft key. The options available are:
Select, Create Alarm and Delete. Use the Navigation keys
to highlight the alarm, and press .
3. Set the following options:
Alarm Name
: allows you to use a specific name for the alarm. The
name will appear on the display when the alarm activates. Does not
appear if the alarm type is Wake-up Alarm.
: use this to activate/deactivate this feature (On/Off). The only
way to edit the remaining fields is to select
Alarm Time
: use the alphanumeric keypad enter a time for the
alarm to sound.
: use the
Navigation key to select the
appropriate setting.
To change the time format, see “Time & Date” on page 47.
Alert Type
: press the key to select a new type of alert
notification (Melody, Vibration, Vibration & Melody, Vibration
then Melody)
Alarm Tone
: press the key, then use the
Navigation key to select a tone from the Basic Alarm list, Default
Tones, Downloaded Tones or your own Recorded Audio files stored
in your My Stuff Audio folder.
Alarm Volume
: press the
Navigation key to adjust
the volume level (1-7).