Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Health and Safety Information 77
contains no metal and that positions the handset a minimum of
1.5 cm from the body.
Use of other accessories may not ensure compliance with FCC RF
exposure guidelines.
The FCC has granted an Equipment Authorization for this mobile
phone with all reported SAR levels evaluated as in compliance
with the FCC RF exposure guidelines. The maximum SAR values
for this model phone as reported to the FCC are:
GSM 850
Head:0.24 W/Kg.
Body-worn: 0.37 W/Kg.
PCS 1900
Head: 0.24 W/Kg.
Body-worn: 0.59 W/Kg.
SAR information on this and other model phones can be viewed
online at
. To find information that
pertains to a particular model phone, this site uses the phone
FCC ID number which is usually printed somewhere on the case
of the phone.
Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the battery pack to
find the number. Once you have the FCC ID number for a
particular phone, follow the instructions on the website and it
should provide values for typical or maximum SAR for a particular
phone. Additional product specific SAR information can also be
obtained at
Please Note the Following Information When
Using Your Handset
The display on your handset is made of glass or acrylic and
could break if your handset is dropped or if it receives
significant impact. Do not use if screen is broken or
cracked as this could cause injury to you.
If your handset has a touch-screen display, please note
that a touch-screen responds best to a light touch from the
pad of your finger or a non-metallic stylus. Using excessive
force or a metallic object when pressing on the touch-
screen may damage the tempered glass surface and void
the warranty. For more information, refer to “Standard
Limited Warranty” on page 96.