Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Messaging 35
Changing the Voicemail number can affect your ability to access
your Voicemail. Check with your provider’s Customer Service
before changing.
Push Message
: allows you to set the receive message type and
interval. Also allows you to change the Service Center number.
Broadcast Message
: allows you to receive a broadcast message
from the server (SIM dependent).
Used Space
The Used Space option displays the memory used for various
types of messages displayed as well as the available or
remaining memory.
1. When the Idle screen displays, press Menu Messaging
Used Space, and press the Select soft key or
the key.
2. Use the
Navigation key to select the message
type to view:
Text Message
Multimedia Message
Push Message
3. Scroll down to view the Used Space for various items.
4. Press the Back soft key to return to the Messaging menu.