Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Call Functions 23
Use the Navigation keys to select an entry. Enter the first
few letters of the name to display entries listed starting
with the first entry matching your input. Scroll to the name
you are looking for using the
or Down key. Press the
key to select the contact.
3. Press
soft key to access the following options:
: allows you to edit the contact information.
Send Message
: allows you to send the selected contact
a message.
: allows you to call the number.
Copy to Phone/SIM Card
: allows you to copy the contact to the
phone memory or your SIM card.
Send Business Card
: allows you to send a message that
contains the information from an Address Book Business Card
entry that you have on file.
Assign Speed Dial
: allows you to assign a speed dial number to
the selected contact.
: allows you to delete the selected contact from your
Contact List.
4. Press the
soft key to make your selection or the
soft key to return to the contact information.
For further details about the Address Book feature, see “Finding
an Address Book Entry” on page 36.
Call Waiting
The Call Waiting feature allows you to answer an incoming call
while you have a call in progress, if this service is supported by
the network, and you have set the Call Waiting-Voice Call Menu
to Activate. You are notified of an incoming call by a call
waiting tone.
To answer a call while you have a call in progress:
1. Press the key or the Accept soft key to answer the
incoming call. The first call is automatically put on hold.
2. To switch between the two calls, press the Options soft
key and select
3. To end a call on hold, press the Options soft key, select the
End Held Call option and press the
soft key.
4. To end the current call, press the key.