Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Changing the Voice Mail Number
Your SIM card gives you the default service number of the voice
mail center. However, you may need to change the number. Use
the following procedures to change your voice mail number.
1. In Idle mode, press Menu Messaging Messaging
Settings Voicemail and press the Select soft key or
the key.
2. Highlight Voicemail and press the key.
3. Highlight Change Name and change the Name using
your keypad.
4. Highlight
Edit Number
and change the voicemail number.
5. Press the Options soft key and select
to modify
the number.
6. Press the key to return to Idle mode.
Refilling Your Account
You can refill your account using your phone.
1. Press the Mobile Care key ( ).
– or –
In Idle mode, press Menu Mobile Care. The screen
displays your balance and expiration date.
2. Select Add Money to refill your account.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to refill your account.
You can also select
More Choices
Account Summary
the following options:
iew your rate plan, features and purchases
Reset your account passcode or voicemail password
You will need your account passcode to access the options under
Account Summary
link and to refill with a credit or debit card.
Also, in order to refill with a credit or debit card from your phone,
you must first call 611 and complete a credit/debit card refill to
set up your payment card.