Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Adjusting the Call Volume
During a call, if you want to adjust the earpiece volume, use the
Side Volume keys.
Answering a Call
When a call is received, the phone rings and displays the caller’s
phone number, or name, if stored in the Address Book.
1. From the Idle Screen press the key or the Accept
soft key to answer the incoming call.
2. Press
Call Answer
If the Any Key option in the Call Answer menu is
activated, you can press any key to answer a call except
the key or the Reject soft key.
3. End the call by closing the phone or by pressing
the key.
You can answer a call while using the Address Book or menu features.
After ending the call, the phone returns to the function screen you
were using.
Recent Calls
The phone stores the numbers of the calls you’ve dialed,
received, or missed in the
Go to
Recent Calls menu.
The Recent Calls menu lists the following options: All Calls,
Missed Calls, Calls Made, Calls Received, Delete All, Call Time,
Data Volume and Data Call Time. If the number or caller is listed
in your Address Book, the associated name displays.
Dialing a Number in Recent Calls
1. From the Idle Screen, press Go to Recent Calls.
2. Use the Up and Down navigation keys to highlight a calls
list: All Calls, Missed Calls, Calls Made or
Calls Received and press the Select soft key.
From the Idle Screen, press the key to display a list of the most
recent numbers used in the order you dialed or received them.
3. Use the Up and Down navigation keys to highlight the
number or name you wish to call and press the key.
Viewing Missed Calls
The number of calls you have missed displays on the Idle screen
when a call is missed. To view the number details, use the
following steps:
1. If the phone is closed, open the phone.
2. Press the View soft key. The most recent missed
call displays.