Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Call Functions 17
Section 4: Call Functions
This section describes how to make or answer a call. It also
includes the features and functionality associated with making or
answering a call.
Making a Call
From the Idle screen, enter the area code and phone number you
want to call and press the key.
Making an International Call
1. Press and hold the key. The + character appears.
2. Enter the country code, area code and phone number.
Press the key.
Correcting a Dialed Number
Use the following steps to correct a mis-typed entry prior to
initiating the call.
1. After dialing a number
To clear the last digit displayed, press the key.
To clear another digit in the number, press the
navigation key until the cursor is immediately to the right of the digit
to be cleared. Press the key.
To enter a missing digit press the
navigation key until
the cursor is in position and enter the digit.
To clear the whole display, press and hold the key.
2. Press the key to return to the Idle screen.
Ending a Call
When you want to finish your call, briefly press the key, or
simply close your phone.
Redialing the Last Number
1. From the Idle Screen, press the key to display a list
of the most recent numbers used in the order you dialed or
received them. The number or name of the last call
is highlighted.
2. Press the key to dial.
Making a Call from the Address Book
You can store phone numbers that you use regularly on the SIM
card or in the phone’s memory. These entries are collectively
called the Address Book.
Once you have stored a number in the Address Book, you can
dial it by pressing a few keys using the Speed Dial List feature.
For further details about the Address Book feature, see “Finding
an Address Book Entry” on page 36.