Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

: allows you to remove any of the parties connected in a
multiparty call.
New Call
: places the current call on hold and allows you to enter and
dial another number.
Contact list
: access the Address Book information.
: allows you to create a new text message or go to your My
Messages folder.
: displays the calendar on the phone.
Mute/Send Keypad Tone
: turns off or on the key sound during
the call.
: sends DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) tones to the
contacts you have selected. This option is not available in a
multiparty call.
When you are finished with your call, end each call normally by
pressing the key.
Switching off the Microphone (Mute)
You can temporarily switch your phone’s microphone off, so that
the other person cannot hear you.
Example: You wish to say something to a person in the room, but do not want the
person on the phone to hear you.
During a call, to switch the microphone off temporarily:
1. Press the Mute soft key. Unmute displays on the
soft key.
2. Press the Unmute soft key to deactivate the
Mute function.
Muting or Sending Key Tones
These options allow you to turn the key tones off or on. If the
Keypad Tone
option is selected, your phone does not
transmit the DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) tones of the
keys, which allows you to press keys without hearing key tones
during a call.
Note: To communicate with answering machines or computerized telephone
systems, the Send DTMF option must be selected.
Searching for a Number in Address Book
You can search for a number in Address Book during a call.
1. Press Options Contact List to display the Contact
List screen.