Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

To enter periods, hyphens, colons, or parenthesis, press the
key. T9 mode applies grammar rules to ensure that correct
punctuation is used.
To shift case in T9 mode, use the key. There are 3 cases:
Initial capital, Capital lock, and Lower case.
You can move the cursor by using the Left and Right keys. To delete
letters, press the key. Press and hold the key to clear
the display.
This feature may not be available for some languages.
Using Alphabet Mode
To use the Alphabet Mode use the to keys to enter
your text.
1. Press the key labeled with the letter you want:
Once for the first letter
Twice for the second letter
And so on
2. Select the other letters in the same way.
The cursor moves to the right when you press a different key. When
entering the same letter twice or a different letter on the same key, just
wait for a few seconds for the cursor to move to the right
automatically, and then select the next letter.
Entering Symbols
Symbol mode enables you to insert symbols and punctuation
marks into text.
1. To enter symbol mode press and hold the key.
2. To select a symbol, press the corresponding number key.
3. To display more symbols, press the Up or Down
navigation key.
. , ‘ - ? ! @ : / 1
A B C 2 a b c 2
D E F 3 d e f 3
G H I 4 g h i 4
J K L 5 j k l 5
M N O 6 m n o 6
P Q R S 7 p q r s 7
U V 8 t u v 8
W X Y Z 9 w x y z 9
+ = < > € £ $ % & ¥ ¤ 0