Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

If you enter an incorrect character, briefly press to backspace
(and delete) the character.
To erase the entire sentence, press and hold .
To back up one menu level, briefly press .
From the Idle screen, briefly press to access the Calendar in
Month view.
End Key
The End key is used to turn on/off your phone, disconnect
calls, and return to the idle mode.
Press and hold the End key to turn on your phone.
Briefly press once to disconnect a call.
Press to return to idle mode from any menu, or to cancel the
last input.
Send Key
The Send key is used to answer calls, dial calls, and to
recall the last number(s) dialed, received, or missed.
Press and hold the Send key to turn on your phone.
Press once to answer calls.
Enter a number and briefly press to make a call.
Briefly press in idle mode to display a list of recent calls to and
from your phone.
Press twice in idle mode to call the most recent number.
Press to pick up a waiting call.
Navigation Key
Use the directional keys on the Navigation key to browse menus,
sub menus, and lists. Press the
navigation key when
jumping to highlighted links on the web.
Each key also acts as a shortcut to launch applications.
Create Text Message
Contact List
My Stuff