Samsung A197 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 1: Getting Started
This section describes how to start using your phone by
activating your service and setting up your voice mail.
Activating Your Phone
When you subscribe to a wireless service, a SIM card is provided
holding important information about your phone. This information
includes your rate plan information, phone number and features.
Removing the Battery
1. If your phone is turned on, power-off the phone by holding
down the key until the power-off image displays.
2. Remove the battery by pressing down (1) and sliding the
battery cover away (2).
3. Lift the bottom of the battery (1) and then lift it up
and away (2).
Installing the SIM Card
The SIM card and its contacts can be easily damaged by
scratches or bending. Use caution when inserting or removing
the card and keep all SIM cards out of reach of children.
Make sure the gold contacts of the SIM card face down into the
phone and the notch is aligned as shown in the phone, as you
slide the SIM card into the socket.