Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

Make sure the battery is properly installed before switching on
the phone.
Charging the Battery
Your phone is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery.
A travel adapter used for charging the battery is included with your
phone. Use only approved batteries and chargers. Ask your local
Samsung dealer for further details.
You can use the phone while the battery is charging, but doing so
requires additional charging time.
You must fully charge the battery before using your phone for
the first time. A discharged battery requires 4 hours to recharge
1. With the battery installed, temporarily remove the plastic cover
of the interface jack and plug the travel adapter connector into
the jack.
Verify that the handset battery is properly installed before
you connect the travel adapter. If the battery is not
properly installed and the travel adapter is connected, the
handset continually power cycles (turns on and off) and
cannot charge properly.