Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

3. Select the
option to set the period of inactivity after the
screen dims before the backlight turns off and the keypad
Selecting Functions and Options
Your phone offers a set of functions that can be customized for your
use. These functions are arranged in menus and sub-menus. Each
menu and sub-menu allows you to view and alter the settings of a
particular function.
For some functions, you may be asked for a password or personal
identification number (PIN). Enter the code and press the key.
When you access a list of options, your phone highlights the
currently active option. If there are only two options, such as On/Off,
your phone highlights the option that is not currently active, so that
you can select it directly.
Selecting Options
To view the various functions and options available and to select the
one you want:
Press the appropriate soft key.
To select the function displayed or the option highlighted, press the
soft key or the key.
To view the next function or highlight the next option on a list, press the
Navigation key.
To move back to the previous function or option on a list, press the
Navigation key.
To move back up one level in the menu structure, press the
soft key.