Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

Call Functions 29
Switching between the two calls
1. While you have an active call and another on hold, press
(Options) Swap OK. The current call (caller #2) is placed
on hold and the previous call on hold (caller #1) is then
reactivated so that you can continue conversing with that
2. Press to end the currently active call.
3. When you want to finish, end each call normally by pressing
the key.
Ending a specific call
1. While you have the active call displayed, press (Options)
2. Select the call that you want to end. Choose an option:
Active Call
: End the currently active call.
•Held Call
: End the currently held call (shown as grey in the top
All Calls
: End all current calls (both active and held).
3. If a single call was ended, press to end your connection
to the remaining caller.
In-Call Options
During an active call, press to toggle the speakerphone
mode between On and Off.
– or –
Press (Options) to choose from the following options:
: Place the active call on hold.