Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

Saving a Missed Call to your Address Book
To save the missed call entry to your address book:
1. Press
Recent Calls
. A list of the most
recently missed calls is displayed.
2. Highlight the desired missed call.
3. Press the Options soft key, and then select Save to Contacts.
4. Select a destination for the entry by choosing either
and follow prompts to add caller to Contact List.
Sending a Message to a Missed Call
To send a text message or attachment to a missed call entry:
1. From the Idle screen, press (Menu)
Recent Calls
. A list of missed calls is displayed with the most
recently missed call highlighted. Highlight the number to which
you want to send a message.
2. Press the Options soft key, and then select Send Message.
The Create Message screen displays.
3. Use the keypad to create your message. For more information,
refer to “Creating a New Text Message” on page 43.
4. When you complete your message, press .
5. Enter the selected number in an available field in the Recipient
6. Press (Options)
Add Recipients
and choose from
Recent Contacts, Contacts or Groups to add other recipients
from these lists.