Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

Messages 47
Using Message Options
Message options at the Inbox level differ according to the message
type, what you have done with the message, and whether you are
viewing the message.
With a message entry highlighted in the Messages list, press
to access the following options
: Compose and send a reply to the message.
: Call the phone number associated with the currently
highlighted message.
: Erase either a single selected message or multiple messages
from the list.
Forward the message to another recipient.
Message Details
: View information about your message, ie., Subject,
Date, From, To, etc.
Move to Phone/Move to SIM Card:
Allows you to move the message
from the SIM card into the phone’s memory or from the phone’s memory
onto the SIM card
: Lock or unlock the currently highlighted message
Sort by
: Sort your listed messages by selecting a filter parameter.
Choose from: Date, Sender, Type, Subject, or Size.
: For multimedia (MMS) messages only, download the
message to your phone. To cancel the download after it has started,
press (Options)
and press
Cancel Retrieving
: For multimedia (MMS) messages only, reject the message
without downloading it to your phone.