Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

: Perform calculations, including addition, subtraction,
multiplication, and division.
Tip Calculator
: Calculate service gratuities with a minimum of key
: Convert currency, length, weight, volume, area and
temperature from one system or increment to another.
•World Clock
: View the current time of day or night in another part of the
: Set a timer.
: View the amount of time in up to 30 intervals.
•SIM App.
: Lock or unlock a SIM application. (The SIM application is not
You can set an alarm to alert you once, or daily, at a specified time.
Once set, the alarms are easy to change or turn off completely.
From the Idle screen
, press
Tools Alarms. The
following options appear in the display:
• Wake-up Alarm
•Alarm 1
•Alarm 2
•Alarm 3
•Alarm 4
•Auto Power
2. Select an alarm type from the available list.