Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

: Access your Contact list.
View Contact Details:
On a call that you made from your Contacts list,
view the information for the contact.
Save to Contacts
: If the number of the current call is not in your
Contacts list, store current number as a new entry within either the
card. Press . Choose one of the following options:
: Add the number as a new contact. Follow the on-screen prompts.
Add the phone number to an existing contact. Follow the on-
screen prompts.
•New Call
: Place the current call on hold and then make a new call either
by manually entering another number or by accessing your Contact list.
Send Message
: Create and send a Text Message.
: Access additional features while in an active call.
: Access your Calendar.
: Access your Memos.
: Send DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) tones to the
contacts you have selected. These DTMF tones are sent as a group. The
DTMF tones are the tones used in phones for tone dialing, sounding when
you press the number keys. This option is helpful for entering a password
or an account number when you call an automated system, such as a
banking service.
•End Call
: ends the current call.