Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

4. When you have finished your message, you can press
(Options) to make changes (for example, add a business card
or other attachments, modify send settings, or preview your
message). You can also add, edit, or delete a slide. You can
change the background color with Edit Slide.
– or –
Press (OK). The Send screen appears, showing the
Recipient List and the To field highlighted.
5. Enter the recipient information and press (Send) to send
your message.
– or –
Press (Options) to choose other options, such as save to
drafts or add recipients from your contact list, groups, or
recent recipients.
Viewing Received Messages
From the Idle screen
, your phone displays the number of
voicemails that you have received and the number of new
messages that you have received.
2. Press (View) or to view your message list.
3. Highlight a message and press to view the message
4. When you have finished, press .