Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

Changing Your Settings 71
Call Answer
: Change the way you answer your phone. Choose from
Send Key and Any Key.
Auto Reply
: Activate (or deactivate) the Auto Reply function and compose
a reply message. Select
, press the Down Navigation key, and enter
your reply message. Press the
softkey and select
Call Status Tones
: Enable the Call Connect Tone and set the Minute
Minder feature.
Alerts on Call
: Enable or disable the alerts on call feature.
TTY Mode
: Enable or disable the TTY feature.
Voice Call
: Activate or deactivate Call Waiting, and enable or disable
Auto Redial.
Use the Connectivity settings to
select an automatic connection mode
when the phone recognizes an active USB connection to a computer
From the Idle screen
, press
2. Choose an option:
Ask on Connection
: prompts you with an on-screen option for a
connection type. Choose from Media Transfer (data transfer) or
Charging Only.
Media Transfer
: allows the device to be detected an as external storage
device and enabled for data transfer of files between your phone and a
communicating computer.
Charging Only
: “closes” the USB connection for data and enables the
connection to be used for charging only.