Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

Section 7: Browser
This section explains how to launch your Browser, how to navigate to
other pages on the Web, and how to use the keys on the keypad with
the Web application.
You can surf the Web and download ringtones and wallpapers using
your phone. When your phone connects to the Internet, the service
indicator icon ( ) appears in the display.
Launching the Browser
From the Idle screen, press (
– or –
From the Idle screen, press (
) Browser.
A list of categories, each representing one or more web sites,
Exit the Browser
To exit the
, press .
Using the Browser
When you use your Browser to access the Web, some of the keys
operate differently than during a normal phone call. You can access
options or links by using the soft keys.
1. From the Idle screen, press (
) Browser.
2. Select an available on-screen option:
: Go to your assigned Home page.