Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

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Section 6: Messages
This section explains how to create, send, receive, and view different
types of messages. This section also describes the features and
functionality associated with messaging.
Creating a New Text Message
From the Idle screen
, press
Create Message
to access the SMS message window.
2. Compose your message text.
3. Before you send the current message, you can press
(Options) to choose from the following options:
Insert: Add special content to your message. Choose from:
Picture, Video, Sound, Templates, Emoticon, Favorites URL,
and Contact Info.
Text Mode
: Set the text Input method. Depending on your current
settings, you may see the following options: T9 Predictive Text, Multitap,
Numeric, Symbols, Add Word (to a custom dictionary), or Match Word.
View Recipients List
: View and add a new message recipient to the
Recipient List.
Advanced Options
: Attach several types of items to the current
message. Choose from: Attach Files, Attach Business Card, Attach
Appointment, Attach Favorites URL and select Input Language (to
change the language that you will use to enter message text).
Save to Drafts
: Save your message to your Drafts folder before exiting.
Save as Templates
: Save your current message to your Templates
folder to use the message later for other message replies.