Samsung SGH-S150G Cell Phone User Manual

Failure to unplug the travel adapter before removing the
battery can cause damage to the phone.
Low Battery Indicator
When the battery is weak with only a few minutes of talk time
remaining, a warning tone sounds and the “Battery low” message
repeats at regular intervals on the display. In this condition, your
phone conserves its remaining battery power, not by turning off the
backlight, but by entering the dimming mode. When the battery level
becomes too low, the phone automatically turns off.
Turning the Phone On or Off
To turn the phone on:
1. Press and hold the key until the phone power-on screen
appears. The Idle screen appears while the phone searches for
your network. The signal strength bars indicate adequate
signal after a network is found.
The display language is preset to Automatic at the factory. To
change the language, use the Language menu.
The phone begins searching for a network signal.
3. Once the phone finds a signal, the time, date, and day appear at
the top of the display.
4. You’re now ready to place and receive calls.